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geoana is a collection of (mostly) analytic functions in geophysics. We take an object oriented approach with the aim of having users be able to readily interact with the functions using Jupyter

Getting started#

  • If you do not already have python installed, we recommend downloading and installing it through anaconda

  • installing geoana

  • Browse the gallery for ideas and example usage

  • Read the documentation for more information on the library and what it can do

Connecting with the community#

geoana is a part of the larger SimPEG ecosystem. There are several avenues for connecting:


geoana is on conda-forge

conda install -c conda-forge geoana

geoana is available on pypi and can be installed by opening a command window and running:

pip install geoana

To install from source, you can

git clone
python install


geoana is licensed under the MIT license .