geoana.em.tdem.vertical_magnetic_field_horizontal_loop(t, sigma=1.0, mu=1.25663706212e-06, radius=1.0, current=1.0, turns=1)#

Vertical transient magnetic field at the center of a horizontal loop over a halfspace.

Compute the vertical component of the transient magnetic field at the center of a circular loop on the surface of a conductive and magnetically permeable halfspace.

tfloat, or numpy.ndarray
sigmafloat, optional


mufloat, optional

magnetic permeability

radiusfloat, optional

radius of the horizontal loop

currentfloat, optional

current of the horizontal loop

turnsint, optional

number of turns in the horizontal loop

hzfloat, or numpy.ndarray

The vertical magnetic field in H/m at the center of the loop. The shape will match the t input.


Equation 4.98 in Ward and Hohmann 1988

\[h_z = \frac{I}{2a}\left[ \frac{3}{\sqrt{\pi} \theta a}e^{-\theta^2 a^2} + \left(1 - \frac{3}{2 \theta^2 a^2}\right)\mathrm{erf}(\theta a) \right]\]


Reproducing part of Figure 4.8 from Ward and Hohmann 1988

>>> import numpy as np
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> from geoana.em.tdem import vertical_magnetic_field_horizontal_loop

Calculate the field at the time given

>>> times = np.logspace(-7, -1)
>>> hz = vertical_magnetic_field_horizontal_loop(times, sigma=1E-2, radius=50)

Match the vertical magnetic field plot

>>> plt.loglog(times*1E3, hz)
>>> plt.xlabel('time (ms)')
>>> plt.ylabel('H$_z$ (A/m)')

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