Static Electromagnetics (geoana.em.static)#

The geoana.em.static module contains simulation classes for solving basic electrostatic and magnetostatic problems.

Simulation Classes#

LineCurrentFreeSpace(nodes[, current])

Class for a static line current in free space.

MagneticDipoleWholeSpace([sigma, mu, epsilon])

Class for a static magnetic dipole in a wholespace.

MagneticPoleWholeSpace([sigma, mu, epsilon])

Class for a static magnetic pole in a wholespace.

CircularLoopWholeSpace([radius, current])

Class for a circular loop of static current in a wholespace.

ElectrostaticSphere(radius, sigma_sphere, ...)

Class for electrostatic solutions for a sphere in a wholespace.

MagnetostaticSphere(radius, mu_sphere, ...)

Class for magnetostatic solutions for a permeable sphere in a uniform magnetostatic field.

PointCurrentWholeSpace(rho[, current, location])

Class for a point current in a wholespace.

PointCurrentHalfSpace(rho[, current, location])

Class for a point current in a halfspace.

DipoleHalfSpace(rho[, location_a, ...])

Class for a dipole in a halfspace.